Air Conditioning Inspection and Tune-Ups

Keep Your Cool With A/C Inspections & Tune-Ups

You would never wait until the final seconds before a race to start warming up and stretching, so why would you make your air conditioning unit wait? With Young’s Home Comfort air conditioning tune-ups and inspections, there’s no excuse for your unit to be anything but cool and flawless.

Air Conditioning tune-ups, much like car maintenance, are designed to keep your air conditioner unit running efficiently and prolong its life. Our comprehensive A/C inspection will locate any problems with your system and bring the unit up to perfect working order. Even if no services are necessary, you can breathe easy and stay cool, knowing your system will be reliable all summer.

When you schedule your AC inspection with Young’s, you’re ensuring peace of mind all summer long. AC Inspections are also part of our Home Comfort Plans.

What happens during an HVAC inspection?

An HVAC inspection helps ensure your heating and cooling equipment won't leave you uncomfortable in your own home, and can help prevent costly, unnecessary repairs or damage. Our HVAC inspections cover a range of items, and can vary depending on your heating and cooling system. Some common items we cover include:

  • Component inspections
  • Voltage testing
  • Connection checks
  • Adjusting, replacing, and cleaning of coils and drains
  • Lubrication
  • Changing Filters
  • Belt and blower motor adjustments
  • And more!

When should I get an HVAC Inspection?

We recommend yearly HVAC inspections that examine your heating and cooling equipment for signs of wear and tear and to ensure they are properly functioning and running efficiently. These inspections help you save money on costly repairs, and if your heating or cooling equipment is running inefficiently, it can help you save significantly on those costs as well. If you are looking for the best time to schedule an HVAC inspection, it depends on whether your heating and cooling system is the same system, or two separate systems. If they're the same system, we recommend having your HVAC inspection scheduled in the spring. If they're separate systems, we recommend having your cooling system inspected in the spring ahead of its heavy use; have your heating system inspected in the fall ahead of its heavy use.

How long does an HVAC inspection take?

Your HVAC technician will be in and out of your home in no time. Each appointment takes roughly 30 minutes to one hour from start to finish. If there are any problems we identify, we'll alert you and resolve them on the spot. If we find a major issue, we'll discuss your options and recommend the next steps.

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