Oil Tank Inspection & Monitoring

Schedule An Oil Tank Inspection & Avoid Costly Repairs

Oil tank inspections are an often-overlooked part of your heating system maintenance. Oil tanks often rust from the inside out, so a potential problem is not always visible. You may think that your tank looks fine from the outside, but the interior walls of the tank could be wearing thin. The Annual Ultrasonic Tank Test performed in conjunction with your Oil Burner Tune-Up will give you a sense of security – or plenty of warning if we detect a potential problem in the future.

Oil Tank Monitoring & Inspection Checklist

The following is our comprehensive Oil Tank Monitoring and Oil Tank Inspection Checklist:

  • The tank legs must be stable and on an even foundation.
  • We look for excessive rust, wet spots, and weeping on the tank's surface.
  • We also check for oil leaks at the Fill piping. Also, the piping should meet today's code requirements (Minimum of 1 ½" iron pipe fill, 1 ¼" iron pipe vent.)
  • Is the tank over 20 years old?
  • We perform the Ultrasonic Tank Test to determine the thickness of the belly of the oil tank.

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