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How Long Do Indirect Water Heaters Last?

Having an indirect water heater in your home can provide abundant hot water year-round, virtually instantaneously, using your home’s existing heating source. If you’re considering having an indirect water heating system in your home, you might be asking “How long do indirect water heaters last?”

Indirect water heaters can last 10-15 years but the frequency of use, operating temperature, and water quality can impact the lifespan. Stainless tank and coil setup can prolong the ID water heater’s life expectancy, as well as routine maintenance. Indirect water heaters work best with gas-powered boilers and are not ideal for use with forced-air furnaces

We install, service, and repair all types of heating and cooling equipment, including indirect water heaters.

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When used with a high-efficiency boiler and a well-insulated tank, an indirect water heater can be the least expensive way to provide hot water to a home. Read further to learn more about indirect water heaters and how Young’s Home Comfort can install your new heating equipment. Continue reading

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What is the Average Cost to Heat a Home with Oil in Pennsylvania?

It’s hard to beat home heating oil when it comes to creating a toasty warmth through winter and other chilly times of the year.

Homeowners contemplating whether to use oil to heat their home or for those hoping to budget their home heating costs may wonder what the average cost will be per year.

Many variables, including home size, your home’s insulation, your comfort threshold, the frequency of extreme seasonal temperatures, current fuel prices, tank size, and your service enrollment plan will impact the average cost to heat your home annually. Continue reading

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How Much Does a New Oil Burner Cost?

Oil-fired furnaces and boilers use renewable fuels to heat your home and they are some of the most popular choices in areas where there’s limited access to natural gas. If you have an old or inefficient oil burner in your home, however, it may be time to replace it.

So, how much does a new oil burner cost? The price of a new oil burner will vary, depending on the type of furnace you choose, the size, and its efficiency rating. You can expect to pay from $2,000 to $7,000, plus the cost of installation. Read further to learn about types of oil burners and why a new oil burner may be an effective way to save money on home heating in the long run. Continue reading

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My House Feels Stuffy, How Do I Fix That?

Sometimes a home can start to feel stuffy, or the air seems stale inside. This can be caused by several things, from a faulty HVAC system to something as simple as not enough fresh air. Purifying the air and adding fresh air are the first steps to getting rid of that stuffy-home feeling.

As professionals in home comfort, we have some suggestions on how to get rid of that stuffy house feeling, including a solution for removing stale air in your home so that indoor comfort is improved overall. Continue reading

What is an Air Scrubber Used For?


This past year put the spotlight on air purification and helped everyone realize its importance.  Now more than ever, people are considering installing an air scrubber in their homes or workplace. So, what is an air scrubber used for?

Air scrubbers are used to mitigate common air pollutants and contaminants to improve the air quality that’s vital to good health. Young’s Home Comfort can professionally install Air Scrubbers by Aerus in your home or office building.

But before you commit to an air scrubber installation, you’re probably wondering if it’s worth the money. Read further to learn about the costs involved and the benefits of an air scrubber. Continue reading

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Ask Your Local HVAC Technician These 5 Questions

Trying to find a reputable HVAC company in Montgomery County, PA, might be overwhelming but Young’s Home Comfort in Green Lane has been faithfully serving this area for more than 125 years! Still not sure which local HVAC company to go with? Read these 5 questions every homeowner should ask their contractor to help choose the local technician to trust. Continue reading

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What You Need to Do to Your Air Conditioner Before Summer

It’s been hot already this year. When the weather forecast starts predicting consecutive days of temperatures above 80, your air conditioner should be in proper condition to ensure efficiency.

If you’re not an HVAC professional, you’re probably wondering what you need to do to your AC unit before summer to make sure it keeps your home cool through summer. Making sure its condenser coils, aluminum fins, blower components, and ducts are clean is the first step. Let’s look at other use and care tips for prepping your central air unit for summer. Continue reading

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Air Conditioning Replacement & Heating System FAQs

Young’s Home Comfort has been servicing the HVAC needs of those in the Upper Perkiomen Valley for more than a century!

We continue to help keep your home comfortable. Although routine HVAC maintenance can help prolong the life of your home’s heating and cooling units, there may come a time when you need to consider air conditioning replacement and/or an entire HVAC replacement.

Following are some frequently asked questions about HVAC replacement to help guide you should you ever find your home’s unit working insufficiently. Continue reading

What Are the Benefits of An Oil Burner Tune-Up?

Furnace tune-ups and inspections for any heating system can help maintain peak efficiency, no matter the season. An oil burner tune-up can help you avoid unexpected heating costs, discomfort, and could help protect your family from dangerous carbon monoxide.

Let’s look into their importance and what an oil burner tune-up entails. Continue reading

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How Long Does Heating Oil Last? (And How To Calculate Your Usage)

A lot of homeowners use heating oil to warm their home because it is one of the most comfortable and warmest heating methods available. This means oil tanks are a common component of houses in Pennsylvania and across the USA. If using an oil furnace is new to you, you may be wondering, “How long does heating oil last?” Based on our experience serving thousands of customers over the past 130 years, the short answer is:

On average, heating oil will last 18-24 months before it may become unstable. If too much moisture gets into your tank, however, the fuel can start to break down. This also will impede combustibility.

We only and always carry the highest-grade fuel oil and test it regularly. We also provide a special additive to optimize the efficiency and cleanliness of the burners as part of our oil delivery service.

Regular maintenance and quality fuel service will ensure that your furnace runs efficiently and you’ll get the most out of your home heating system. Let’s take a look at how long you can expect your fuel delivery supply to last throughout the year. Continue reading