What Are the Benefits of An Oil Burner Tune-Up?

Furnace tune-ups and inspections for any heating system can help maintain peak efficiency, no matter the season. An oil burner tune-up can help you avoid unexpected heating costs, discomfort, and could help protect your family from dangerous carbon monoxide.

Let’s look into their importance and what an oil burner tune-up entails. Continue reading

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How Long Does Heating Oil Last? (And How To Calculate Your Usage)

A lot of homeowners use heating oil to warm their home because it is one of the most comfortable and warmest heating methods available. This means oil tanks are a common component of houses in Pennsylvania and across the USA. If using an oil furnace is new to you, you may be wondering, “How long does heating oil last?” Based on our experience serving thousands of customers over the past 130 years, the short answer is:

On average, heating oil will last 18-24 months before it may become unstable. If too much moisture gets into your tank, however, the fuel can start to break down. This also will impede combustibility.

We only and always carry the highest-grade fuel oil and test it regularly. We also provide a special additive to optimize the efficiency and cleanliness of the burners as part of our oil delivery service.

Regular maintenance and quality fuel service will ensure that your furnace runs efficiently and you’ll get the most out of your home heating system. Let’s take a look at how long you can expect your fuel delivery supply to last throughout the year. Continue reading

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How Can I Fix Winter Dryness in My Home?

Tired of everything you touch zapping you? During winter, the air in your home can feel especially dry, and sometimes it can lead to static electricity, itchy skin, and chapped lips.  It’s just uncomfortable. We offer some tips to help add humidity for home comfort.

Why Does My House Feel So Dry?

The ability of air to hold water depends on the temperature of that air. Warm air holds more moisture.

Temperature: 68 degrees = 1 kilogram of air can hold 15 g of water

Temperature: 32 degrees = 1 kilogram of air can hold 5g of water

When you heat the air inside, you increase the air’s ability to hold moisture but not the actual moisture your house contains. This is what makes winter air in the home feel so dry. Continue reading

3 Big Mistakes That Can Ruin Home Heating Efficiency

With snowstorms already arrived and again soon in the forecast, we pay more attention to our home heating systems. You want to make sure yours is running efficiently so you can maintain a comfortable home throughout the season (without breaking the bank!).

While a Young’s Heating & Cooling Home Comfort Plan will better ensure HVAC efficiencies, we know not all of our customers take advantage of it.

Knowing this, we at least want to warn them about some big mistakes commonly made that can threaten the efficiency of your HVAC system. Continue reading

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Can I Get Energy Tax Credits for Home Heating or Air Conditioning?

We all spend a fairly large part of our home budgets are keeping it comfortable, so it’s important to make smart decisions about your home’s heating, air conditioning, and air quality. Everyone wants to maintain the lowest utility bills possible and energy efficiency helps make that happen.

How to Finance Your Home’s Heating or AC

First, we want to let you know that we have convenient financing options that can help you pay for a new home heating system or new air conditioning system installation. Payment options are available to fit your budget. Continue reading

Energy-Saving Tips for Your Home this Fall

There are several simple energy-saving (and money-saving) things you can do this fall to help you save on your energy bills.

Unseen Dirt is Costing You Money

Dirty air filters in your home’s HVAC system makes it work harder and use more energy. Your system’s filters might be in the duct system or in the equipment. Have a technician from Young’s Home Comfort inspect your system before winter to ensure your HVAC is in working order and all filters are clean or replaced to maximize efficiency.

Air filters should be changed every 3 months. Clean filters will help keep dust particles from accumulating in your home’s heating and cooling system, which can lead to expensive repairs or maintenance issues.

Autumn is a good time to wipe clean your ceiling fan blades so any of that dust is eliminated and not recirculated. Once fall temperatures begin to drop significantly, switch the direction of your ceiling fans so that they’re pushing warm air down for the winter. Continue reading

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Things You Need to Know About Oil Tank Safety

If you use oil to heat your home in the winter, you probably don’t give much thought to the heating oil tank that stores the fuel. You especially aren’t thinking about it before temperatures really start to dip.

Yet it’s the perfect time to determine your oil tank safety and make sure your tank is in good condition.

We at Young’s Home Comfort think about oil tank safety year-round because our goal is to keep customers comfortable and safe. It’s why our HVAC specialists perform initial inspections on new tanks or the tanks of our new customers. We examine the integrity of your home’s fuel tank for any potential problems before we fill it with oil.

Our Ultrasonic Tank Test can determine the integrity of your oil tank and help prevent the harmful results of an oil spill or leak. Continue reading

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An Air Scrubber Can Clean the Air at Home and Work

Now more than ever, we want better indoor air quality. When the outbreak of COVID-19 forced us to remain inside for so much longer than the norm, air quality took a starring role in home comfort. Yet even before the pandemic, concerns over air pollutants in our home and office buildings and the need for air purification continued to gain interest.

Finding a comprehensive indoor air quality device that can purify, deodorize, and neutralize the pollutants and allergens in your home or office can be a daunting task. The market is flooded with systems that claim to purify the air in your home. Continue reading

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Are You Really Going to Miss Taking Advantage of these Low Home Heating Oil Prices?

Gas pumps are not the only place you could be saving on the oil market crash. Since the beginning of the year, the heating oil price has steadily dropped to some of the lowest levels seen in years. Now is the perfect time to take advantage of some of the cheapest home heating oil you may never see again.

How to score the best heating oil price?

To get the best price on heating oil delivery, you will want to plan.

We are happy to offer homeowners and businesses alike the option to choose our on-call cash heating oil option. This option provides significant savings on your home heating oil by simplifying the process. Continue reading