Are Oil Tank Inspections Important?

We rely on our oil tanks all winter for consistent, reliable heat in our homes. We often take them for granted, simply expecting them to maintain a comfortable temperature without even checking on their overall health.

At Young’s Home Comfort, we want to keep you safe and comfortable all winter long. That’s why we want to delve into the importance of oil tank inspections, and what these inspections can turn up. By understanding what your oil tank does and knowing the signs of potential problems, you can eliminate costly repairs and keep your furnace running smoother, longer.

Types of Oil Tank Inspections

There are two standard types of inspections commonly performed by HVAC specialists:old oil tank

  • Initial inspection
  • Routine inspection

An initial inspectionshould be performed before a delivery is made to a new customer or a brand-new tank.  This inspection is the most thorough and allows the company to discover and address any potential problems that the tank could have.

Different types of tanks require different inspections, but every tank should be inspected before its first use. Underground tanks obviously require a very different inspection than standard above-ground tanks, since the technician can’t physically see the tank to check for leaks.

Routine inspections can be compared to a standard yearly check-up with your family doctor. There may not be anything specifically wrong with your tank, but it should still be inspected regularly to catch any potential issues before they become serious.

It behooves homeowners to use the same company who performed the initial inspection for the yearly routine inspections since they’ll know more accurately if anything has changed since the last inspection. Again, buried tanks and above-ground tanks have very different inspections, so make sure the technician who visits your home knows which tank you have.

At Young’s Home Comfort, we are proud to offer a specialized inspection for even more peace of mind: ultrasonic inspection. Oil tanks rot from the inside out, making it extremely difficult to know when your tank is reaching the end of its life and has the possibility of springing a leak. Our technicians can perform an ultrasonic inspection to test the thickness of the tank’s belly, finding weak spots before they can begin to leak.

Oil tanks are imperative in keeping your equipment running smoothly for the full duration of its lifespan. Is your tank ready for inspection? Give Young’s Home Comfort a call today at 215-234-4351 to get started!