Can A Smart Thermostat Save You Money?

Smart Thermostat Questions Answered

If you’ve been considering investing in a smart thermostat, you’re probably wondering if it’s really worth the money. After all, a quality smart thermostat can cost upwards of $200 not including installation. So, can a Nest thermostat, or any other smart thermostat, really save you money? The answer is yes… and no. Let’s take a closer look.


When it comes to energy efficiency and saving money, a smart thermostat is one of the best investments you can make for your home. That being said, there are some other factors to consider when deciding how beneficial a smart thermostat will be for your home. In this blog post, we’ll answer some common questions about smart thermostats so that you can make an educated decision about whether or not one is right for your home.


What is a Nest Thermostat? 

A Nest thermostat is a type of learning thermostat that programs itself to help save you energy and money. It does this by creating a personalized schedule based on your heating and cooling habits. The Nest thermostat also has sensors that can detect whether or not someone is home, so it knows when to go into energy-saving mode. While there are many smart thermostats on the market today, Nest has some favorable capabilities, which is why we chose to feature it here. 


How Much Money Can I Save With a Nest Thermostat? 

Nest claims that their thermostats can save homeowners an average of 10-12% on heating bills and 15% on cooling bills. Of course, your actual savings will depend on a number of factors. Consider factors like the climate, home size, and how energy-efficient your HVAC system is. If you’re considering purchasing a smart thermostat for your home, we highly recommend the Nest brand. Nest gives you an added peace of mind by letting you create schedules as well as program it remotely.


Is Smart Thermostat Installation Difficult? 

Installing a Nest thermostat can be very easy if you are handy with technology, electricity, and DIY projects. All smart thermostats require a “common” wire to power them, as they do not use batteries.  For example, if your home has a heat only system (which in most cases only has 2 wires), then a new wire must be run with a transformer to complete the circuit.  We’ve seen many cases where the homeowner purchases a smart thermostat themselves and installs it without understanding how the circuit operates. If their systems have 2 transformers and aren’t separated, the weaker transformer (usually the heater) will short out.


We always recommend hiring a professional for anything that may compromise your home and family safety. There are electrical components, so give us a call for any questions or to have us set it up for you. The Nest comes with everything you need for installation, including detailed instructions and in most cases, installation will only take about 30-60 minutes. 


Are Smart Thermostats the Best Way to Save?

Households that use their smart thermostats the most stand to see the biggest savings. However, it’s important to note that even the most well-designed smart thermostats can only do so much. They can’t control variables like poor insulation or an inefficient HVAC system. So, if your home is already energy-efficient, a smart thermostat might not save you as much money as someone whose home isn’t as well-insulated or who has an older HVAC system. If you are looking for other ways to save money on your energy bill, Young’s Home Comfort can help!


How much you save ultimately comes down to how much energy your home uses. If you’re willing to adjust the temperature on your smart thermostat more often, that can help. If saving money is your primary concern, there are many other ways to do it. For example, you can insulate your home, or replace an old HVAC system. However, if convenience is what you’re after, a smart thermostat can help make your life easier. It can also help you save some money in the process.


Can I Control Nest From Far Away?

Have you ever had that startling fear that you may have left your AC or Heat on while you were on vacation? The terror of an enormous energy bill is one that can now be avoided. One of the main benefits of installing a Nest thermostat is the ability to program your thermostats remotely. Whether you share your home as a vacation rental, or you just like to have the added convenience for your primary home, a Nest thermostat can help to optimize your home’s comfort for when you arrive, while saving energy when you’re gone. 


Learning To Use A Smart Thermostat.

Today’s smart technology was designed to make life easier. While there is a small learning curve for smart technology, learning how to program and use your new smart thermostat is very simple. Your Young’s technician will be happy to show you how to get the most from your new system and use all the features of your smart thermostat.


Still Have Smart Thermostat Questions?

At Young’s Home Comfort, we are all about helping you stay comfortable while saving money and energy. We will make sure your smart thermostat is properly installed to utilize your existing HVAC system safely. When installing a new thermostat, you want to make sure your filters are clean, and maintenance is complete. This will help to avoid damaging your new equipment. The efficiency and dependability of your new smart thermostat depends on a well maintained system. Let us take care of your cooling and heating maintenance needs and help set up your smart home today! Contact our team of experts here.