Why Are Regular HVAC Tune-Ups So Important?

As the days grow colder, you’ve probably reached for your thermostat to keep it cozy in your home. You’ve likely also heard advertisements from local HVAC companies to schedule a tune-up of your system before the cold really sets in. But why? Your system works perfectly fine, right?

At Young’s Home Comfort, we firmly believe in the importance of yearly system tune-ups. Today, we want to highlight just a few reasons why a simple HVAC tune-up could be the difference between keeping your home comfortable and waking up feeling the icy chill of a broken furnace.

Your System Will Last Longer

When you take care of your HVAC system, it will take care of you! The longer you use your system without the proper maintenance, the more you risk your system breaking down irreparably. The changes may be subtle at first; a strange sound, possibly, or longer cycling times indicating that the heat pump isn’t working as hard as it used to. System failure doesn’t necessarily mean cold air blasting out instead of heat – system failure can be a gradual, expensive problem if proper tune-ups aren’t performed.

Your HVAC System Will Be More Efficient

Over time, dirt and dust can clog your system and slow it down. It can prevent air from circulating properly and cause the system to work harder than it needs to, leading to longer cycle times and eventual system failure. Scheduling annual maintenance keeps the system clean and prevents unnecessary system replacement.

clean vs dirty air filters side by side

You Avoid Costly Repairs

Most companies offer a fixed-price HVAC tune-up package. Within that package, the company runs diagnostic tests on every component of the equipment; if there is a problem arising, it can be caught before it turns into a major ordeal. Without a tune-up, potential problems go unnoticed and can mushroom into total system replacements before you know it.

You’ll Be More Comfortable

Possibly the most important reason of all – you’ll be comfortable in your home! Your system may be running, but just because it functions doesn’t mean it functions properly. It’s possible that you’ve grown accustomed to longer-than-average run times or a slow system startup. These minor annoyances can become massive problems if left unattended.

Knowing that your system is functioning properly also provides you with peace of mind. Spending the small amount of money for an annual tune-up can save you thousands down the road, and gives you the comfort you deserve in your home all season long.

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