Automatic Delivery and 24-Hour Emergency Oil Services – Stock Up Now!

We know that summer is in full swing – but is it ever too early to refill your oil tank for the chilly fall nights that are looming ahead? If you don’t refuel now and get stuck one night in autumn’s chill, fear not! Young’s Home Comfort is here to provide 24-hour emergency oil delivery service.

Now, obviously it’s never ideal to wake up to a cold house. Particularly in the winter months, running out of oil can have disastrous consequences in the form of frozen pipes, drafty windows, and over-stressed HVAC units. To avoid running out of oil and subsequently needing our 24-hour emergency oil delivery service, we recommend that you enroll in our automatic delivery service!

What is an Automatic Delivery Service?oil delivery man with hose from heating oil tanker

Our automatic delivery service is a complimentary service that we offer to ensure that you’ll never run out of heating oil. A high percentage of our after-hours emergency calls are from customers who want to call and schedule their own heating oil deliveries, but use more oil than they expected and end up in the cold one night.

With a quick phone call to Young’s Home Comfort, you’ll never have to spend time wondering when the last time was you put oil in the tank, or how much you’ve run your heat since you did, or if your kids let the heat run a little too long last Thursday when they should have been using the space heater – all these things can get overwhelming to a busy homeowner, and we want to alleviate the pressure from you!

How Does the Automatic Delivery System Work?

Our automatic delivery system is set up in a customer-unique way. Each customer enrolled in our automatic delivery service will receive their oil based on our degree-day timeline or calendar day system. If you have a programmable thermostat, for example, and the heat runs for the same amount of time every day, we’ll have a pretty strong understanding of how long your heating oil will last.

We can calculate exactly how long it’ll take for you to go through your heating oil based on the projected temperatures of the month and be at your door with a refill before you run out for good. That’s the Young’s Home Comfort way!

Sign Me Up!

Signing on for our automatic delivery system is easy – just give us a call at 215-234-4351 and one of our sales representatives would be more than happy to guide you through the process of signing on for our services. We are able to offer our high-quality home heating oil delivery to the Upper Perkiomen Valley, Boyertown, Gilbertsville, Pottstown, Macungie, Coopersburg, Quakertown, Lansdale, North Wales, Collegeville, and the surrounding area.