grass field with springtime home efficiency written above it

Seeing Green in the Springtime: Making Energy Efficiency a Breeze

Are you as excited for springtime as we are? Fresh breezes, birds singing, and warmer nights – what’s not to love? Spring is also a great time to save some money on your energy bills with proper preparation.

There are many great ways for you to save money in the springtime. Temperatures are just right and the sunshine is plentiful. With these tips, take your energy bill from a lion to a lamb!

Open Your Windows

This one seems obvious, but it’s a huge factor in reducing your spring energy bills. Opening windows on opposite sides of the house will create a cross-breeze that effectively cools your home without switching on the air conditioning. It also helps to raise the humidity after a long winter of dry heat being pumped in through your furnace.

Cook Outside

A hot oven is a great way to raise the temperature in your home and cause your air conditioning to work harder than it needs to. To solve this problem, take it outside! Use an outdoor grill on warm spring nights to save your air conditioning a night of work.

Caulk Air Leaks

Walk around your home and place your hand on each door frame and windowsill. If you feel any moving air, your home is not optimally energy-efficient. Any low-cost caulk can be used to seal cracks and openings in door or window frames – saving you cash all season long!

Program your Thermostat

Check the weather forecast early in the day – if it’s predicted to be a warm day, pre-set your thermostat higher than usual during the day when you’re not home. If it’s predicted to be an abnormally warm day, you can also keep the blinds closed to avoid unnecessary temperature changes throughout the day until you get home.

Service your Air Conditioner

Did you know that by performing basic maintenance such as routine filter replacements or cleanings, you can lower your system’s energy consumption by up to 15%? A system that runs smoothly will perform better for your home and keep your wallet happy, too! Give the professionals at Young’s Home Comfort a call at 215-234-4351 to schedule your routine system maintenance today. We look forward to serving you!