What is an Air Scrubber Used For?


This past year put the spotlight on air purification and helped everyone realize its importance.  Now more than ever, people are considering installing an air scrubber in their homes or workplace. So, what is an air scrubber used for?

Air scrubbers are used to mitigate common air pollutants and contaminants to improve the air quality that’s vital to good health. Young’s Home Comfort can professionally install Air Scrubbers by Aerus in your home or office building.

But before you commit to an air scrubber installation, you’re probably wondering if it’s worth the money. Read further to learn about the costs involved and the benefits of an air scrubber.

Is an Air Scrubber Worth the Money?

For those returning to their workplace, but also for those working from remote home offices, poor air quality can negatively impact your health.  Without an air purification system, your home’s air system may circulate allergens, bacteria, and viruses that go unseen (and unnoticed until it’s too late).

Some cleaning products merely cover up odors and fail to eliminate contaminants. While other cleaning products are effective in decreasing the risk of bacteria and viruses, they can often exacerbate asthma with their odorous fumes. Reportedly, the direct cost of asthma, per patient, is nearly $3,300 a year, according to one CDC report.

The Air Scrubber by Aerus is 99.99% effective on airborne contaminants.  The one-time cost is less than $1,000. Moreover, it can eliminate odors throughout your home or office, including pet odors.

Do Air Scrubbers Help With Viruses?

The Aerus Air Scrubber uses ActivePure technology. The company states “ActivePure has been extensively tested and is proven to fight the spread of disease by proactively inactivating pathogens on surfaces and in the air, including the virus that causes COVID-19.”

It’s a powerful, safe, and proven technology that not only reduces contaminants but can also help protect your family from poisonous gases. The technology works 24/7 once the air purifier system is installed in your home.

ActivePure technology is also effective against MRSA, step, listeria, norovirus, bacillus, and more.

Do Air Scrubber Emit Ozone?

The Air Scrubber by Aerus has an ozone-free version of its whole-home air purifier. Our contractors can professionally install your air scrubber, attaching it to the HVAC system ductwork in your home. Start removing air pollution, odors, bacteria, and viruses in your home or business and enjoy cleaner, odorless air for years to come.

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