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Do I Really Need To Change The Air Filter In My Home?

Dirty air filters in your home’s HVAC system makes it work harder and use more energy. Because your HVAC system silently works “in the background,” keeping you and your loved ones comfortable, its maintenance can often be forgotten or ignored. A DIY maintenance checklist should include regularly changing the air filter in your HVAC system.

If you’re wondering, “do I really need to change the air filter in my home?” the answer is yes! Forgotten filters are one of the top reasons an HVAC system loses efficiency. If you don’t keep your home’s filtering clean, indoor comfort could degrade, your energy bill could rise, and contaminants in the air may result in allergies or respiratory illness.

How Do Filters Help With HVAC Costs?

Air filters keep particulates and contaminants out of the air in your home. Dirty air filters can slow the air circulation, comprising intake/outtake. If the fans in your HVAC are forced to work harder, they can wear out more quickly. Also, when they work harder, your monthly energy bills may rise without the benefit of improving the indoor temperature.

The cost of a new air filter is much less than the cost of a fan replacement, HVAC diagnosis, or other possible damage incurred from dirty air filters.

How Often Should I Change Air Filters?

How often you should change your air filter will depend on the size of your home, the number of people in the home, your location, and how many pets you have, among other variables. We recommend you check your air filter(s) every 90 days. Typically, they will need to be replaced. If you notice a large amount of dirt and dust on the filters, increase the frequency.

Also, the type of filter in your HVAC system impacts the frequency. Fiberglass filters may need to be replaced more often, possibly every 30 days, while pleated air filters might only require changing every 90 days. Metal filters typically need no changing, but they do need to be vacuumed or cleaned seasonally, at least.

How to Change Your HVAC System Filters

Routine maintenance on your heating and cooling systems, such as changing the air filters, can result in lower utility bills, fewer repairs, increased efficiency, and performance. Young’s Home Comfort Plans can take care of filter changes as well as other regular maintenance tasks and enable you to keep it “out of mind.” Having a comfort plan in place may also reduce the need for costly, unexpected repairs.

Turn your system off before doing any work on it. Your filter should fit snugly. If it doesn’t, you don’t have the right size. No tools should be needed to access your filter. Simply remove the air filter cover. It likely has a handle for easy removal and/or clamps that need to be unclasped. You should see a metal track where your filter sits. Simply remove the dirty filter and replace it with the new filter. If you are unsure where your filter is located or how to change it, contact a professional.

Air Cleansing Systems

If pet dander seems to worsen in winter months and/or the overall air quality indoors is not satisfactory, schedule a consultation with our experienced sales staff regarding Air Scrubbers by Aerus.

Air cleansing systems can be especially helpful for homes in which an asthma sufferer lives. Sometimes, when a house starts to feel “stuffy,” purifying the air can resolve the issue. Air scrubbers can diminish common air pollutants and contaminants to improve the air quality in your home. The technology is also effective against MRSA, step, listeria, norovirus, bacillus, and more.

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